Houston Residents Demand Competent Roofing Contractors

Relief From Houston’s Seasonal Violent Storms

With almost every change of seasons, a string of violent storms will strike the Houston area. The storms are mostly heavy thunderstorms that cause wind water and hail damage to our homes. However, every few years or so it is a hurricane. We Houstonians want roofing contractors who strive for top-notch quality workmanship and to leave their customers with total satisfaction. Our most significant and most important investment is in our home! After a storm, we want to bring back or increase the value of that home. We want a roofing contractor in Houston that can deal with the insurance company for wind, flood and fire damage. We know in many cases they get more coverage than a homeowner can get, or even overturn original declines for roof damage, (just because they know what to look for and don’t settle for less).

Violent Storm Damage

Roof damage can be caused by intense storms that produce lightning, high winds, and hail. If we have heavy rainfall, you could experience roof leaks, cracks in the basement foundation, leaks from poorly sealed windows and sump pump failure. No matter what the situation competent roofing contractors can help. Competence means they have trained crews that show up promptly, equipped with all the tools needed to get the job done right the first time. They thoroughly dry everything that was affected by the storm to return our property to tip-top shape. When it is your business that sustained roof damage, you will want the find the best commercial roofing contractor in Houston.  You want a contractor that can respond quickly and has the experience to get your business back open and running.

Wind Damage

When you experience heavy winds, there is always a possibility of trees being blown over on your property, home, and cars. When heavy winds do happen, fallen trees can go through your roof and expose your House to rain, critters and even unwanted people. If it is an emergency situation, you need crews to remove the tree and temporarily tarp the roof until a roofing crew can get there in the morning to repair the damages.

Hail Damage

After a hail storm, many people do not even realize their roof is damaged. The granules on your asphalt shingles can be loosened and blown; hail can leave tiny to large pits in your siding and fascia as well. The granules protect the asphalt from sunlight and Ultra Violet Light (U.V.). The roofing asphalt will deteriorate very quickly once it has had hail impact and is exposed to the sun. This lack of protection is the reason hail damaged roofing will prematurely fail. Many times hail damage cannot be seen from the ground especially by an inexperienced observer. The manufacturer’s warranty does not usually cover hail damage from them since hail storms are considered an “Act of God.”